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Alchi Monastery – Located 12 kms away from the resort, you have the choice of bicycling either on the highway or on a traffic free road running parallel to the opposite bank of the Indus. Both routes take you through largely flat terrain, with occasionally gentle undulations.

Mangyu Temples – Located 10 kms away, guests can opt to have the resort drop them off for a visit to these temples and then ride all the way downhill back to Uleytokpo, without encountering any traffic.

Grand Likir Monastery - Again guests can opt to have the resort drop them off for a visit to the monastery, from where they can ride domwnhill to Saspol and then take a relatively flat route back to Uleytokpo.

The age limit for cycling is also 12+ In cycling the clients would have a variety of tracks to choose from. There are three monasteries close by to the resort, Alchi, Mangyu and Rizong. The tracks leading to these monasteries are enjoyable for cycling and hiking.

Indus River Rafting

The popular Lower Indus Rafting Route can be done right from your doorstep at Uley Eco Resort. Armed with the resort’s rafts and guides, you can experience the Indus in a completely new way. You can choose rafting sections ranging from easy all the way up to Grade 5.

The age limit for rafting is 12+. Professional guides would be provided and a kayak rescuer would follow the raft.

7 km- It has lesser rapids (grade 2-3) and is safe. Not much of paddling involved. It would be best suited for families.

11 km- It is a longer ride and has bigger rapids (grade 4-5). A lot of paddling is involved; hence I would recommend this one for the young aged clients.


Ridzong Monastery - Located a pleasant 5 kms walk up a wooded valley via the Chulichan Nunnery, you would take a maximum of 1.5 hours each way from the resorts.

Mangyu Temples - From the resorts walk 9 kms up to the temples that boast of some of the oldest frescoes in Ladakh. The walk up is steep and would take about 3 hours to complete. The return journey would take barely 2 hours.

Longer Treks - Two excellent multi-day trekking routes begin or end within easy reach of the resorts, giving you the chance to rest and acclimatise with gentle activities before your trek, or relax with good food and a hot shower afterwards. The easier of the two treks takes you through Likir – Yangthang – Ule Phu – Hemis Shukpachan – Ang/Tingmosgang. The tougher one would be the Lamayuru – Mangyu route.

Rock Climbing - Instructors and equipment can be arranged for guests who wish to indulge in rock climbing on the cliffs and mountains within and around Uleytokpo.